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Domino (Corba Access Over Internet)
~Ted Nimfanaly 01/23/2004 05:57 AM
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I am having domino R6 running on my windows 2000 machine which is having a private and one public IP Address. When i try to use the private IP addresss inside our local network i am able to make the diiop connection with the domino server,

But when i try to use the public id from outside out local network i m not able to create the diiop session...

Is there any under the domino server administration to set the domino server so it will be able to access through the public ip address...

Let me tell you one more thing, under the domino administration under Configuration -> Server -> Current Server Document -> Intenet Protocols -> DIIOP -> HostName/Address I have given the private ip address of out network.

Please help me out to get it down from outside our network.


Amit Saini

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